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About US

Dr Ryan Jeffery (Veterinarian) started living out his passion for cattle farming in 2012 when he bought two Gelbvieh cows with calves and his dad, Peter, threw a jersey cow and Afrikaner into the mix.


In 2013 the first wagyu embryos were implanted and Cradle Wagyu was born. Cradle Wagyu was situated in the Cradle of Humankind but relocated in 2019 to Hekpoort in search of greener and bigger pastures. The Hekpoort farm is 143Ha and consists of camps with pastures as well as some natural bushveld camps.



We aim to breed well balanced fullblood female animals with superior milk values and high Tajima fullblood bulls that can be used for F1 and F2 commercial production, therefore meticulous research goes into finding the right genetics to pair with the individual. We breed and sell seed stock and feedlot our own wagyu.


At National Wagyu Auction 2018 we were blessed to have sold the highest priced heifer and highest priced bull respectively. In 2019 at the same auction we sold the highest priced bull again. We are currently selling live animals as well as F1/ F2 and Fullblood meat.


What does slow grown mean?

Slow grown means that the cows do not receive any hormones to boost their growth and they do not get forced fed. They grow at their own pace which means they only get slaughtered between 21 months and 30 months, whereas commercially farmed cows only live up to 11 months.


What does "slow grown" bring to the table? That’s simple: it brings flavor. A flavor that you have never experienced before. The proof is in the meat and the marbling thereof. The more marbling the meat has the better the taste! Order today to get an experience of a lifetime!

Our happy cows at the foot of the Magalies mountain range are: 

Hormone Free

Slow Grown

Delicious and Juicy

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