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What does Marble mean?

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Marbling is the webbing of creamy white fat that riddles a cut of meat, and which gives it a spectacular tenderness, juiciness and richness.

The marbling score is a component of the AUS-MEAT beef quality grading system, and refers to visible fat found between muscle fibre bundles and is assessed within the ribeye muscle. ...Marbling in Wagyu beef is as much about nutrition as it is about genetics.

Wagyu is famed for it's melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich flavors. These qualities are largely due to high marbling content. Wagyu cattle are a breed of cattle that are genetically predisposed to have higher marbling levels than any other breed of cattle.

Cradle wagyu has two different marble scores to choose from

Marble score: 2-3

Wagyu with a marble score of 2-3 delivers a soft texture and mouthwatering flavor. The meat is juicy and does not require any marinade. This is the perfect starter Wagyu at a reasonable price! Order yours today to experience meat in a different way!

Marble score: 4-6

Wagyu with a marble Scores of 4 and 6 you’ll see significantly more of that gorgeous webbing of fat, and you’ll notice a creamier mouth-feel in each bite. Buttery without being overwhelmingly rich, you will treat yourself to the best meat you have ever had!

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